The Restart Centre

The Restart Centre is the wonderful home of the Restart children.  It’s just outside busy, dusty Gilgil in green, tranquil Langalanga.  In December 2014 over 100 children moved into these beautiful new buildings, funded entirely through donations, which give the children a safe and healthy environment in which to grow up.  It’s bright, airy, and besides the fantastic outdoor play areas, also provides a large dining hall which is can be used as a recreational and sports hall, separate boys and girls dormitories with only four children per room, a nursery housing 17 babies and toddlers, two classrooms, a music room, a computer room, a library, a playground, a quiet room for counselling, staff accommodation and proper bathroom facilities. The children absolutely love it!  The contrast to the old Restart couldn’t be greater – read our patron Liz Earle’s impressions from her visit…

Restart also has its own agricultural project on site growing vegetables to feed the children, and the plan is to become self sufficient.

Once our children reach school age, they attend local schools in the area. Education is not free in Kenya and even though Restart is a charity we still have to pay the school fees for every child. This is a huge expense for us, and much of the cost of sponsoring a child is made up of their school fees.


A team of dedicated onsite staff keep the orphanage running day to day and include a social worker, teachers, cooks, nursery staff, cleaners, and security staff.

With the help of generous sponsors, donors and volunteers, Restart has been able to fulfil the daily needs of its children, but as it has grown, inevitably so has the cost of maintaining the high standard of care.

Take a short tour of Restart with William…