The Team

Meet a few members of our team, all of whom are tireless in their devotion to the children and the Restart Centre…


Nurse Jane

Nurse Jane runs the medical room at the Restart Centre. She has recently joined the team, having served as a nurse for many years in a local government hospital.



Vincent is the Restart driver and takes the children to school and on other trips in the Restart Africa bus. He is a keen footballer and trains with the children in his spare time.



Nancy has been cooking at Restart for 10 years. She knows all the children and has seen many of them grow up at Restart. The children love her cooking.


Madam Beth

Madam Beth is one of the Kindergarten teachers at the Restart Centre. She prepares the younger children for their transition to Langalanga Primary School. She also helps in the Nursery. Madam Beth enjoys singing and always accompanies the Restart Choir when they perform.


Mr Kamau

Mr Kamau is the Restart tailor. He works at the Centre and is always busy making and repairing school clothes for the children. He is one of the longest serving staff, starting originally at the Coulson residence in 1987! In his spare time he enjoys playing volleyball with the children at the Centre.