Be A Sponsor

Our sponsorship programme is a vital part of Restart’s vision to rescue, restore, educate, love and support Gilgil’s former street children, and give each child the bright future they deserve.  Regular sponsorship enables us to fund each child’s welfare and education and help them to develop into strong, happy and secure adults. It also gives our supporters the opportunity to be closely involved in our children’s lives.  At present only a few of our children are sponsored regularly, our goal is to get every child sponsored.

Why sponsor a child?

If you were to ask any of our children what they want to be when they grow up the answers they give would be like children the world over. They want to be footballers, doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, politicians and even the occasional neurosurgeon. Every child at Restart desperately wants to have a good education as they fully understand that without this their options in later life are limited. Considering our children all share a past of suffering and deprivation, their optimism and ambition are all the more astounding, and they all share a keen willingness to learn and improve.  Obviously they are of widely differing abilities, and some will only achieve modest ambitions; but some of our bright, energetic and confident children will go on to forge substantial careers when they leave us. At Restart we teach the children to be good citizens with high standards, self respect, respect for others and a strong moral compass. These qualities provide them with a firm foundation and will eventually enable them to make a powerful contribution to Kenya’s future.

What sponsorship provides

Our sponsorship programme is about providing regular donations to ensure that our children can go on to fulfill their potential. It is designed to be as fair as possible to all Restart children, giving equal support to those with or without sponsors. All money raised goes into a central fund that provides the resources required to house, feed, and clothe the children and provide them with medical treatment. Critically this money will also provide the welfare support and education that these children need to succeed in life. Our small team of 20 dedicated teachers, welfare professionals, matrons and catering staff look after over 100 children aged from just 6 months through to 21. Please read our children’s stories to see where they have come from and why they so badly need your help.


How you can help

A regular monthly donation can make a real difference to these children’s lives and we will send you a copy of our quarterly Newsletter which will keep you up to date with activities at the Centre. £10 a month will cover the education costs for one of our children and £25 a month will provide food and water. £60 a month will pay for half the cost of one of our brilliant welfare workers.

If you feel able to make a £100 a month donation, this will cover all of the living, education and welfare costs of one child. As well as the Newsletter, you will receive regular updates on the progress of the child that you have sponsored. Perhaps that child will eventually join the four students we currently have studying at university? Please visit our Donate page or contact Chris Conway directly at if you would like more information.