Our community projects operate under The Sanata Charitable Trust banner, and include four elements: the Sanata Women’s Group (SWG), Restart Briquettes, the Restart Farm, and Naturally Sanata Herbs. These all help to support the running costs and work of Restart, and aim to provide worthwhile employment for the local community.  This in turn enables people to earn money, and gain stability, security and self-respect.  Workers, some of whom are Restart Centre graduates, learn to use skills old and new, and make an independent livelihood.

Sanata Women’s Group

Fantastic clothing, jewellery, leather goods and accessories.  Read more…

Restart Briquettes

Turning recyclable waste into smokeless fuel.  Read more….

Naturally Sanata

Therapeutic herbs.  Read more…

Restart Farm

Delicious, healthy, fresh vegetables for our children and the community.