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Brother and sister Matt and Jess Leech spent some time at Restart last year and together made this cheap flights lyrics.  It features our Head of Welfare, the estimable Mr Dan, talking about the difference Restart has made to the children, plus some great footage of them at work and play.  Enjoy!

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The Restart Centre was delighted to host visits from two UK schools recently, both of which are great supporters of the charity.  A group of Oundle pupils came first, and had a great time playing football and rugby with our children.  They brought balls with them as presents, so the children will be able to keep up their practise!  Next to arrive was the Shrewsbury Hunt, which is the school’s cross-country running club, who were in Kenya for some high-altitude training.  They had already raised £1400 for Restart with a sponsored 24 hour treadmill event, and brought gifts of pens, pencils and tennis balls for the children.  They spent the afternoon playing with the nursery class and then doing sport and exercising with the older ones – and having a great time by the look of it!

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We recently welcomed two new gap year volunteers, Lucinda and Harry, who are here to volunteer at the Restart Children’s Centre for three months. On Sunday 1st November they organised a Halloween themed activities afternoon for all the children to get involved. The games involved sack races, egg and spoon races, apple dunking and doughnut eating. The children had a wonderful afternoon and won prizes which had been generously donated. 

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For the past three weekends, Restart children have been competing in a talent show.

The categories included singing, dancing, rapping, public speaking, reading, drumming, modelling, and even fine art (colouring in). Each week a panel of judges made the difficult choices of who to put through to the next round. Some of the children were so talented they competed in more than one category. George, who is 12, is pictured below playing the drums.  He competed in several of the categories, and and was the boys’ winner for his drumming, dancing and reading.  Pictured above right is 15 year old Elizabeth, who was the overall girl winner for her singing, reading and modelling. All the finalists received a small prize.

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