Meet a few members of our team, all of whom are tireless in their devotion to the children and the Restart Centre…

Benjamin Mageto
Boarding Master
Benjamin lives near Restart with his wife, 14 year old son and and 7 year old daughter. He has been working with us since December 2014. He spent a month working at the old Restart premises before the children moved to the new premises. He is also the storeman for Restart and helps to repair the children’s clothes. He originally went to college to train as a primary school teacher, before going on to work as a food production chef for ten years. He loves to knit, and in fact knitted the jumper he is wearing in his photograph. He also likes to play chess, scrabble and loves listening to music, one of his ambitions in life is to travel.
Dorcas Muthoni Kamau
Restart Home Help
Dorcas has worked at Restart for five years, and carries out many roles at the Centre including cleaning, kitchen work, laundry and nursery childcare.
Prior to Restart Dorcas worked for Telecom Kenya for over ten years. When she was made redundant, she was able to buy a small plot of land in Gilgil to build a house for her and her six children. On her one day off a week she loves to spend time in her garden planting flowers.

John Njoroge Njuguna
John has worked with us at Restart since March 2015. He is originally from Narok in Kenya, where he trained as a pastry chef. He saw that Restart were advertising for kitchen staff and decided to apply as he loves working with children. He likes playing outdoors with them when he is not in the kitchen, and loves taking them on hiking trips. He is married and has an 8 month old son. On his days off he likes to spend time with his family and enjoys reading. His favourite football team is Manchester United.

Virginia Muthoni Karanja
Nursery Worker
Virginia started working at Restart in December 2014, and before that she worked as a maid at a local estate. Originally employed as a cleaner, she now works in the nursery looking after the small children and toddlers, which she absolutely loves – and it is clear that the toddlers adore her.
Virginia has 5 children of her own aged between 9 years and 25 years old.
She is an entrepreneur and on her days off she makes soap which she sells to the locals of Gilgil. She also loves to grow flowers.

Luke Ndolo
IT Manager & Teacher
Originally from Kisumu in Western Kenya, Luke has worked for us since January 2015, Previously he spent a number of years working for the Ministry of Education in Kenya, installing computers in schools. He studied computing at the technical university of Mombasa. In his spare time he loves mountain biking and tinkering with old cars. He also loves football and is a Chelsea fan. He can often be found at Restart having a kickabout with the children.
Ezira Masette
Senior Cook
Ezira Masette has spent most of his life working as a cook and joined Restart in November 2014 just before we moved into our new premises. He is currently responsible for the feeding of around 105 children, plus the staff who live on site at Restart. Ezira also lives on site. He has a wife and 5 sons who all live in Uganda where he is originally from. Every three months he goes back to Uganda to see his family. He loves helping to look after the children at Restart.