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The school term came to a close on the week ending 10th April and all our children have returned to the Restart Centre for the school holidays. With the help of Mr. Peter Nutsford, the children made this short film to proudly show off their home, as well as the primary school at Langalanga.

We hope you enjoy watching the video as much the children enjoyed making it.

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Last weekend our volunteers were lucky enough to accompany our staff on a trip to visit some of our boys at boarding school.  Most schools had their midterm break in March, except one in Naivasha where three of our boys are in Form 1 there.

As a result, the school has an open day for parents and carers, which we attended. The boys were delighted that we made the journey, and it was good to witness the progress of our children, and talk to their teachers about any potential problems. 

We met with some of the teachers, who were really pleased with our boys’ marks and efforts in school, both academically and on the sports field.

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It seems like only yesterday that we were enrolling our children into school, but already our secondary school children are on their mid-term break.   It’s a good time for them to have a break and catch up with each other. So far, during this school term, we have been visiting some of our school boarders at various academic days as well as for their enrolments.  Our primary school children are settling in well to their new school in Langalanga – many of them moved there when we moved to the new Restart Centre.

Please see below some photos of our children at their schools.

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Please click on the link below to view the first of our quarterly newsletters for 2015.

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