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The Restart children had a brilliant time bobbing for apples and playing other traditional games at Halloween



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Pembroke House children visited Restart recently.  They played football and danced with the Restart boys and girls.  They also enjoyed playing on the wonderful new playground equipment installed courtesy of Lift Up Africa.

Click on the pictures to enlarge

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On a recent visit to Restart, trustee Susie Dowdall poses with some of the babies, and it’s all smiles as they enjoy a fun afternoon together.  Anyone who’s been at Restart will know that there is nothing more fulfilling than spending some time with the little ones.

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The school term came to a close on the week ending 10th April and all our children have returned to the Restart Centre for the school holidays. With the help of Mr. Peter Nutsford, the children made this short film to proudly show off their home, as well as the primary school at Langalanga.

We hope you enjoy watching the video as much the children enjoyed making it.

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