Pose for the cameraThe charity is based in Gilgil, Kenya, and currently operates under the name Sanata Charitable Trust (in the process of changing to Restart Africa).  It consists of a Children’s Centre and four community based projects.  Key personalities include:

Chief Executive Officer – Mary Coulson MBE

Acting Manager (and Head Projects) – Marvine Gaye

Financial Controller – Sarah Njogu

Head of Infrastructure – John Hongo

Acting Children’s Centre Manager – Luke Ndolo

Sanata Women’s Group (Crafts Project) – Lillian Kahiro and Cindy Walker

Agriculture Project – Loice Muthoni


The Kenya charity is supported by The Sanata Charitable Trust, a UK based trust providing oversight of the Kenya operation and co-ordinating fundraising (registered with the UK Charity Commission, charity number 1132766).  It is a Company Limited by Guarantee (company number 6999163).  The registered office is 58 Trinity Street, Belle Vue, Shrewsbury SY3 7PQ UK.


Chris Conway (Chairman)

Giles Bell
Geoff Davies
Susie Dowdall
James Plastow
Charles Scott
Mark Sowerby

Restart Africa is also supported by generous donors from other countries, in particular the United States and Australia.