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Please click this link: cheap flights lyrics to read a wonderful article written by our patron and supporter, Liz Earle. She writes about our transformation between the new and old Restart Centre and has beautiful photos showing before and after.

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Early last week we were contacted by the local police saying our recent rescue, John, had an older sister who had also been abandoned and needed our help. Ann is just two years old.  She is now with us at the Restart, and is incredibly happy in her new surroundings, much loved by all. She sings happily whilst running around with the other small children.

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On Tuesday 13th January, a new little bundle of joy arrived at the Restart Centre. John was abandoned by both his father and mother after they had an argument – he was just four months old.  He was handed into the police, who brought him to his new home at Restart. He is settling in well – a few of our older girls have already taken a motherly role and are caring for him around the clock. Primarily he stays with our ‘Shosho’ (Grandmother) who cares for all our youngest children. We are excited to have John at the Restart and he is now in good hands!

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