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Christmas Day at the Restart Centre is like a traditional Christmas used to be; it’s not about the money or the overeating, but enjoying time with one another and celebrating life. Restart’s Christmas Day, 2014 was exactly this. Santa arrived in a pick-up truck at 11:30am, with the children waiting eagerly for him on the driveway.  Our littlest children were completely bewildered watching the day unfold. Some of them have never experienced a Christmas before so it was very special. They also got little hats made by a volunteer, so they looked very festive!

Sitting in our spacious dining hall at the new centre, our choir sang carols and Santa handed out small bags of gifts for the children – Simple things for them but things that they need, like new shoes, books, t-shirts. It’s great to have quite a few new children this year, as a day like this is something for them to remember. A wonderful meal was prepared and the children sat down to eat roasted meat, beef stew and rice. Apples had also been bought for them by a supporter – another treat for them!

Music played in the afternoon and we had fun using spare tinsel to decorate various members of staff and children! There was much laughter and many photos were taken. The children spent time in their dorms before returning to the dining hall to take supper and watch a movie before bed.

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