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The 19th and 20th of October was a long weekend here in Kenya as the 20th October is President’s day. So we decided to treat the children to a couple of excursions, using our exciting new bus. Across two days, we split the older children into two groups of 40. We had some wonderful volunteers join us and members of staff also, including our nursery teachers, our teachers/carers, our Shosho and our cooks!

On Sunday, we took the children to Thompson Falls in Nyaharuru. It took about an hour and a half on the bus. The children are so well behaved, knowing that the ride is a treat. We got out and thankfully the rain held off! The children loved posing for photos in front of the falls and a lot of them climbed down to the bottom of the falls. They were all extremely tired by the time they got back! We had lunch on an open field and shared soda and sandwiches with them. The children had a wonderful time out of the centre. We took a scenic route back to the centre and got out to see the beautiful Rift Valley view point.

On Monday, we took the children to Lake Naivasha. Closer in distance to Gilgil, but took just as long! We drove a long way around the lake to find a good spot, but we got to see lots of wildlife on the way. The children were so excited, yelling and pointing out the windows, when a monkey, warthog or even giraffe came into view. We ended up eating our lunch and visiting Elsamere. A wonderful spot by the lake commemorating Joy Adamson and her husband and the story of Elsa the lion. Whilst there, we got to walk to the lake and take some photos and went into the house to see the Elsamere museum. From there, we headed to a local boating spot to get the children a ride on the hippo filled river. They were so excited and once they came back to shore, they raved about how many hippos they got to see!

The children love having excursions like these and it’s with the support of the local communities and our staff that we can continue to do them. Thank you to everybody involved!

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