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Run To The Beat 2014, Wembley, London

Run to the beat

We’re pleased to announce that we have secured 10 places in one of the country’s most unique running events. Taking place on the 14th September 2014, Run To The Beat is a 10k run starting and finishing at the iconic Wembley Park in London. On the day 15,000 runners will be serenaded around the course by live DJs, pushing you to the finish, where headline acts will be on hand to host a huge live music party.

This truly is a running event like no other, and we’d love you to take part to raise vital funds for Restart Africa and directly help the children in our care. All you need to do is commit to raising a minimum of £300 in sponsorship.

Interested in running for us?

To find out more information or to register to run for us please email cheap flights lyrics

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